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MetalForming Magazine

March 2019 Issue

Volume 53, Number 3

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Cover Article

PMA: Industry Leaders in Workforce Development
by Brad Kuvin
That's the theme put forth by 2019 PMA Chairman Troy Roberts, who pledges to lead PMA's efforts to define its role in the evolving workforce-development landscape, and then help shape the association's array of services and advocacy efforts to support its workforce-development agenda.



Press Controls--What's Next?
by Louis A. Kren
Plenty. The latest offerings promise oversight of presses, feeds and other line equipment; make servo-driven presses even more capable; provide networking; and more.
Automated Tool Monitoring, Storage Combat Punching-Machine Downtime
by Louis A. Kren
Equipment that 'has your 6' goes a long way toward reliable, economical operation, without the headaches of unplanned machine stoppage.
Moving Matters: What to Consider When Selecting Metal Scrap Conveyors
by Joe Jancsurak
Two experts discuss types, characteristics and how the right conveyor can improve overall operations.
Waterjet Shines for Metals and More
Gentle supersonic erosion and a very thin cutting stream provide manufacturers with a versatile and capable tool.
Lasers Cut It for Home Decor Leader
by Joe Jancsurak
To keep up with soaring customer demand, this maker of fabricated wall art finds lasers to be the answer.
The Latest in Die Design and Simulation Software
by Louis A. Kren
Check out the newest offerings to help ease die design and build, and ensure that tooling performs as planned in the press, producing the right part features hit after hit. In April's MetalForming, read how these software products help users meet an assortment of design, build and use challenges.



Addressing Limiting Factors for Continuous Seam Welding--Part Two
Welding Well by Robert K. Cohen
Your Employees May Not Think Like You Do...
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Introduction to Strain Analysis: Measuring Strains
The Science of Forming by Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D.
Stamping Nonferrous Alloys
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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