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MetalForming Magazine

October 2016 Issue

Volume 50, Number 10

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Cover Article

FABTECH--Sharpen Your Edge attending North America's largest metalforming, fabricating, welding and finishing event: FABTECH 2016. Slated for November 16-18 in Las Vegas, the expo offers unprecedented opportunities to gain insights from visionaries and peers throughout the industry.



PMA Presents Metalforming-Education Program During FABTECH
FABTECH--Exhibitors in the METALFORM Technology Area
The Onus is on Die Designers
by Brad Kuvin support the desire of metalformers to do more work--and more complex work--in the die, and avoid costly secondary operations. Design and simulation software increasingly is the tool die shops use to meet the needs of their stamper customers; here's one shining example.
Extreme Welding
A Minnesota maker of aftermarket parts for snowmobiles cut production time by more than 50 percent by switching to wave-pulse gas-metal-arc welding.
Meet Chromate and Offgassing Challenges When Coating Parts
by George Gatto Jr.
A plating expert shows how metalformers can help ensure proper part coating and why open lines of communication between metalformers, platers and coaters are musts.
Classifieds: Wanted Skilled Labor
by Aaron Wiegel
As an industry we have done a horrendous job of promoting careers in manufacturing. We have allowed people to hold a negative perception of these careers, rather than dispelling myths by sharing the truth. It's time to turn the tide.
Much More Than Tool & Die--One Company's Evolution
by Louis A. Kren
Tooling now is just the tip of the iceberg for Reich Tool & Design. Since its founding in 1965, the Wisconsin company has successfully added precision contract machining and, most recently, cleanroom assembly to its roster of capabilities.



Don't Only Send Managers to FABTECH; Send Your Top Production Workers, Too
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Some Forming Problems Have No Solutions
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Advances in Metal-Stamping Technology
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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