Dayton Progress Offers $40,000 Prize Package for Promotion of Manufacturing Careers

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

To combat the shortage of skilled manufacturing workers, Dayton Progress Corp., Dayton, OH, has launched a competition aimed to promote career awareness in industrial manufacturing to Dayton-area high schools. The Dayton Progress Manufacturing Challenge includes a prize package—including three computer workstations and CAD software licenses, and five $1000 scholarships to Sinclair Community College—valued at more than $40,000. The prize package will be awarded to the school with the most effective and creative program for promoting awareness of career opportunities in manufacturing.

Says Dayton Progress president and CEO Alan Shaffer: “We’re confident that these awareness programs will result in more students (who are not college-bound) entering manufacturing, as well as more college-bound students choosing a technology and engineering path.”

In addition to the Manufacturing Challenge prize package, Dayton Progress also will provide four well-paid after-school internships to qualified senior-year students from among the top three school districts participating in the contest.

For more information, e-mail Rosemary Domansky, Dayton Progress VP of human resources:


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