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MetalForming Magazine

July 2014 Issue

Volume 48, Number 7

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Cover Article

Customer Responsiveness Defined
by Brad Kuvin
In February 2013, metalformer Waukesha Metal Products won a job to stamp shelving and side rails to support the construction of new automated warehouses. Time was of the essence, more so than ever before, and by May its new 660-ton Seyi press was up and running.



Advances in Die Protection and In-Die Sensing
by Dave Bird and Will Healy III
What your competitors' press shops are implementing, and why you'd better get on the ball.
How to Improve Spot-Welding Performance
by Tom Snow
Resistance spot welding is a popular value-added secondary operation for many metalformers, but the process often is ignored until quality problems arise. When a customer calls to report that all the parts you just produced have been rejected due to bad spot welds, suddenly the process takes on a whole new level of importance.
The War-Room Strategy for Stamping Aluminum
by Pete Ulintz and Stuart Keeler
Stamping aluminum will attack your tooling, frustrate your part and die designers, and challenge press operators and maintenance personnel. Here, industry experts Pete Ulintz and Stuart Keeler detail the challenges, and lay out a game plan for fighting back.
Safe Work Practices
Follow these tips for managing the safe use of metalworking fluids, and for performing inhouse safety audits.



Manufacturing Day is on the --Make a Difference
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Material Strengths Are Increasing, Are You Prepared?--Part 1
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Non-Traditional Forming of Aluminum Alloys
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Development of Injury and Illness Prevention Programs--Part 1
You and the Law by Doug Ehlke
Benefits and the Butterfly Effect
Human Capital by Debbie McGrath



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