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Russia's Severstal Launches New Line for Polymer-Coated Rolled Steel Products

Friday, June 1, 2018

PAO Severstal, a vertically integrated steelmaking company in Cherepovets, Russia, has launched a production line, expected to produce 200,000 tons of polymer-coated rolled steel products and 400,000 tons of galvanized steel per year. The polymer-coating unit produces 22 tints and has successfully tested the application of a chromium-free coating for household appliances. Severstal also plans on testing the application of hot lamination and decorative film.

"We believe that with the launch of the polymer coating line at Cherepovets, we will see a significant improvement in the supply of polymer-coated products to our company,” says Denis Voronov, director for supply and logistics of Metal Profile Company LLC, “as well as a noticeable improvement to the entire Russian market, given the seasonal fluctuations in demand. Now we can fully meet the needs of our customers even at peak periods, with no help from import suppliers. In addition, these new products will contribute to Russia’s increasing share of high-quality premium products.”

PAO Severstal:


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