United Steel Supply Orders Braner/Loopco Slitting Line

June 1, 2018

United Steel Supply, a supplier of galvanized and pre-painted steel coil for metal roofing and siding applications headquartered in Austin, TX, has ordered a high-performance Braner/Loopco triple-turret-head slitting line for its manufacturing operations. The line will have the capacity to process high-strength coated and bare carbon steel coils in gauges from 0.010 to 0.125 in. with mechanical strength to 160,000 psi.

Operational features that target four setups and four coils/hr. include automatic no-hands coil loading, 1-min. head change, 2-min. no-hands line thread-up, programmable automatic vertical knife-clearance adjust, quick-change tensioner and overarm separators, programmable automatic constant line tension, adjustable centerline overarm. Other features: advanced labor-saving automation, production reporting, remote trouble-shooting diagnostics and program updates, and advanced safety items.

Industry-Related Terms: Carbon Steel
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Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling


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