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Electric Servo Pump Produces 20-Percent More Waterjet-Cutting Power

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Techni Waterjet, Lenexa, KS, introduces its Quantum NXT generation of electric servo pumps (ESP), producing 20-percent more power than previous model and raising the bar for waterjet-cutting speed and reliability. By increasing the pump’s power output, Techni enables customers to cut any suitable material at faster speeds, while the improved lubrication and cooling system provide durability and low maintenance costs.

"The costs for running an old intensifier pump greatly increase from year four,” says company director Darren Reukers. “From here it makes business sense to buy a new pump, in particular an ESP that has much lower maintenance costs.”

Moreover, the NXT generation high-pressure pump reportedly is 20-percent quieter than previous models and other pumps on the market; offers multiple head capability for easy connectivity to any waterjet machine; and integrates on-board diagnostics via touchscreen HMI and optional remote control.

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