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Cost-Estimating Software for Tool and Die Makers

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

eTurboTools, Inc. has released its eTurboQuote cloud-based cost-estimating development tool, designed to save tool and die makers time when quoting and pricing new jobs. Says the firm’s Jerry Scrivo:

“We developed this tool with small to medium-sized tool and die manufacturers in mind. The tool is web based, giving team members involved in quoting access to the data wherever they have access to the web. With this tool, manufacturers can update costing information for their entire product line in just seconds.”

Adds company president Brian Krichbaum:

“We find that most tool and die manufacturers produce similar products over and over. Why should they have to redevelop price modules every time? With eTurboQuote, we have simplified the cost-estimating process by allowing for the creation of standard price templates for all of the product lines of a company.”

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