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MetalForming Magazine

June 2019 Issue

Volume 53, Number 6

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Cover Article

PTM Corp.'s 'New Baby'
by Brad Kuvin a 1000-ton giant-bed mechanical press that has the prototype and production metal forming company convinced that bigger is better. New and existing customers have begun knocking on the door for larger and higher-value production parts, as well as value-added work.



Control Retrofit Powers Servo-Feed Improvement
by Louis A. Kren
A coil-handling drive/control upgrade on a vital press line at this Michigan top-tier auto supplier lifted part quality and line capacity.
Do This in a CNC Punching Machine?
by Louis A. Kren
You bet! Tool technology enables a variety of actions once thought viable only in stamping presses or press brakes, or as secondary operations.
3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour
by Joe Jancsurak
Plan now to be in Detroit August 6-7 for this important event dedicated to AM's fastest-growing segment: metals. How fast? Read on.
Robotic Welding Workcell Sets New Pace at Freedman Seating
by Sarah Mellish
Robotic automation, combined with a diverse and experienced workforce, contribute to optimized production efficiency and product quality.
Stampers: Consider Adding CNC Punching Machines
by Louis A. Kren
No need to turn down profitable lower-volume runs, as flexibility and tool capabilities make this technology a press-shop complement.
Maintaining Servo-Driven Presses
by Jeff Fredline
When maintaining a servo-driven press, do your homework and you'll be rewarded.
Metal Former Stays Strong With Aid From Government Program
by Joe Jancsurak
Even if your company doesn't need it now, funding gained through the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms centers is well worth taking the time to investigate, as this maker of custom-engineered products learned.



Hurt by Foreign Competition? Help's Available
Editorial by Joe Jancsurak
Intro to Strain Analysis: Evaluating the Impact of Allowed Tensile-Property Variation
The Science of Forming by Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D.
Modern Four-Slide Technology
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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