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MetalForming Magazine

October 2019 Issue

Volume 53, Number 10

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Cover Article

FABTECH--Back in ChiTown
by Louis A. Kren
The November 2019 all-things-sheetmetal event focuses on emerging manufacturing trends while showcasing productivity-powering technology and industry-expert presentations.



FABTECH--Conference Sessions Prepare Metal Formers
by Joe Jancsurak
FABTECH--Exhibitors in the METALFORM Technology Area
New Life for an Old Saw
by Rick Meyerhoefer
Thanks to an upgraded motion-control system, an aging billet saw now holds incredibly tight tolerances, eliminating a potential source of wasted aluminum and reducing downtime for maintenance.
Welding: A Rewarding Career With an Upward Path
by Louis A. Kren
Data from a job-finding website provide salaries, demographics and more. Here's one nugget: Within a decade, and often sooner, many welders achieve supervisory positions.
QDC as Soft Automation
by Joe Jancsurak
Quick die change (QDC), the safe, efficient and rapid movement of dies, need not be complicated, but must be present. Mark Scanlan, vice president and general manager of Germantown, WI-based PFA, Inc., shares his QDC views with MetalForming.
Rigid-Chain Technology for Today's Die-Change Challenges
While the basic system itself was developed nearly a half-century ago, today's rigid-chain iterations are as numerous as die-design challenges.
Tips for Automating Laser Cutting Operations
An idle laser cutter loses money. Investing in the proper automation can add production uptime and boost profits.



Reversing Fundamental Assumptions
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Differences Between Tryout and Production Conditions
The Science of Forming by Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D.
Outsourcing Metal Stamping Dies
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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