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Fiber Laser Cutting from Coil or Sheet

October 2, 2019

Dallan America Corp.
Booth A5952

Dallan America highlights its latest innovation in laser cutting technologies: the LXN fiber laser cutting machine. The offering, fed from coil and standard sheet, provides maximum flexibility. The exclusive high-definition vision system technology guarantees precision operations, identifying the exact position of the piece/workings and setting the next cuts and operations. The fast cutting head includes the vision-system camera and moves on the entire cutting area, to 59 by 98 in., in order to process a range of materials. The fiber laser technology and the in-line production ensure efficient performance with 100-percent material optimization and reduced operation and maintenance costs as compared to traditional laser cutting systems. The entire production system has a reduced footprint on the shop floor (raw-material warehouse included), and can be integrated with optional discharged smart systems to make the entire production cycle fully automated. The LXN is equipped with Dallan software.
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