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MetalForming Magazine

August 2015 Issue

Volume 49, Number 8

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Hydraulic Presses: Control Technology Irons Out Pressing Issues
by Thomas M. Lavoie
Mismatched die halves were a disaster in waiting, and manual job setup lacked consistency from run to run. Control additions provided the necessary solutions.
Laser Automation--Better Planning = Better Execution
by Brad Kuvin
To increase capacity and stay ahead of customer demand, Weaver Fab & Finishing welcomes a new fiber-laser cutting machine. The icing on the cake: an accompanying sheet-storage tower that brings automationand all of its benefitsto the company and allows it to restructure its front-end operations.
Automating Die Design--a Case Study
by Raymond Proeber
Wisconsin Metal Parts switches to 3D die-design software that employs parametric modeling. The result: quicker die design with fewer mistakes made during the process.
Unique Programming with Servo-Press Technology Delivers for E.J. Ajax
by Todd Wenzel
When managers at the Minnesota metalformer looked at the torque specifications for its new servo press, they found that its direct drive provided high torque high in the stroke. That capability had them looking for ways to leverage the ability to program the best contact and draw speeds for optimum part quality, without fear of stalling.
It's Time to Meet Customer Expectations for Product Customization
A postponement workflow strategy--delaying final assembly of the produc--is key, backed by tools to manage the complex process.



Committed to Safety
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Decades of New Technology = Improved Steel Today
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Don't Blame the Die Setup
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
OSHA's New Enforcement Procedures
You and the Law by Doug Ehlke



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