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MetalForming Magazine

September 2014 Issue

Volume 48, Number 9

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Cover Article

The Road to Plasma-Cutting Automation
by Dirk Ott
A hot-rod parts shop invests in its first air-plasma cutting system to deliver quality parts at a reasonable price.



Gaining Favor: Coil-Fed Transfer Dies
by Brad Kuvin
Progressive-to-transfer stamping is helping automakers and other OEM manufacturers optimize material utilization. The dies prove particularly successful when stamping expensive aluminum alloys and high-strength steels.
Rapid Die Changes Make Stamper Nimble, Flexible
by Todd Wenzel
Along with a new 165-ton gap-frame press came a new approach to achieving quicker die changes, featuring magnetic clamps on the upper tools and mechanical clamps for the lowers. Results have been impressive.
Servos Seeing More Service--Part 1
Servo-press technology continues to evolve, and metalformers are figuring out when and where the technology is the best bet.



So Much More than Just a Magazine
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Galvanized Coating Changes Steel Formability
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Understanding Formability Results
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Why Do the Rich Buy So Much Life Insurance?
Blackman on Taxes by Irv Blackman
Mexico: It's Kind of a Big Deal
Best Practices by Bob Dobrowsky
Mad Men and HR Recruiting Strategy: 10 Unexpected Common Themes
Human Capital by Debbie McGrath



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