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MetalForming Magazine

May 2013 Issue

Volume 47, Number 5

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Cover Article

How High is High for Automotive Steels?
by Ronald P. Krupitzer
Are we seriously talking about forming automotive parts from steel products that are more than six times as strong as mild steel? And, if we now can formulate these extremely strong steels, what's the limit?



Grinding Operations: Real Wheel Productivity and Cost
by Debbie Gaspich
Here's a close evaluation of abrasive-grinding performance and cost when grinding in job shops and production-manufacturing operations.
Mining Nuggets of Gold Along the Fiber-Laser Learning Curve
by Brad Kuvin
Since Premier Tooling & Manufacturing brought previously outsourced laser-cutting work inhouse, via the acquisition of a 3-kW fiber-laser cutting machine, its been able to gain unexpected benefits from process improvements such as pierce-less cutting.
Justifying the Purchase of a Servo-Driven Press
by Dennis Boerger
...using eight principles of improved productivity, flexibility and quality, and reduced costs.
The Big Island Welcomes The MFG Meeting


Tooling Technology

The Fruits of Forming Threads in a Turret Press
To manufacture cell-phone display kiosks, Chicago sheetmetal fabricator Midland Metal Products dials up big savings by employing threadform tooling in its CNC punch presses to eliminate welding and use of self-clinching nuts.
What's New in Die Design
by Lou Kren
Plentywith more robust libraries, improved import/export functions, and advanced algorithms that take accuracy to new levels and reduce design time and lead time.



Turning Skilled Workers into Masters of Machinery
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
The Complex Properties of Advanced High-Strength Steels
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Slide Tipping Moments
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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