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New Version of Sheet Metal CAD/CAM Software

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Radan 2020.0 sheet metal CAD/CAM software, from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, promises a reduction in mouse clicks (reportedly almost by half) and improvements to nesting and reporting, allowing users to save both time and costs, according to company officials.

Its new quick-nest mode provides a more visual interface, with limited upfront setup for projects, and a redesigned new project dialog that allows users to “get nesting quicker,” according to Olaf Körner, Radan product manager, who notes that time benefits also can be achieved with machine-specific projects and templates. “If a user wants to begin nesting quickly, we’ve made it much easier to get started, with fewer questions and machine-specific templates. The template contains automation--for example, a fiber laser template will switch to the user’s selected laser machine and input all of the required settings.”

In addition to the reported quicker start to projects, users also more easily can pick up on previous projects, says Körner. The version’s new streamlined mode benefits from reduced mouse travel and an autosave function to ensure no loss of work.

The software’s Radtube component delivers improvements to the common-line cutting feature added in the previous release. Users now can now optimize the nest either by material usage or by cycle time. Radtube reporting also has been improved to include QR codes, bar codes and images, simplifying recognition of parts.

Also, Radquote has been enhanced with many updates, including the new nesting engine for material calculations. As soon as a quote turns into an order, Radquote automatically exports all the information needed in the form of a PDF file for records, for emailing to the customer as an order confirmation, or as data in CSV or text format. This can be seamlessly linked to the company’s ERP/MRP system.


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