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Stamtec Service and Support Helps Ensure the Competitiveness of Its Customers

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Metal formers that invest in capital equipment should expect their suppliers to help them ensure the productivity of that equipment over its lifetime. Productivity from new equipment is a fundamental element of competition, and any events that interrupt that productivity will impair the metal former’s competitiveness. Stamtec, Inc., Manchester, TN, represents just that type of press-room-equipment supplier, promising to stand by its customers to ensure the continuous productivity of its presses and related equipment.

“We have provided dependable, affordably priced metal stamping presses and related equipment to the North American market for nearly 35 years,” says Stamtec Sales Manager Lee Ellard, “and for more than 70 years worldwide through our parent company. But it’s what happens after the sale that truly represents how we partner with our customers. Well-maintained machines hold tolerances better and help to increase part consistency and quality. We can help design a press-maintenance and ongoing inspection program that will decrease downtime and enhance output, and establish a documented system for maintaining press integrity.”

Press Assessment

The press inspection process can include the major press structural components (cracks, wear, position/movement, etc.), bushing and lift clearances, upper and lower connections, gear and driveshaft operation, lubrication-system functionality, and bolster alignment and security.

“Following the press assessment,” explains Stamtec Service Manager Mike Ozkaya, “the Stamtec maintenance and inspection team will recommend modifications, updates and improvements, and prioritize the elements of the maintenance program.”

The 3-Year Warranty—and No Run-Time Limit

Stamtec offers a 1-year “bumper to bumper” warranty on its equipment, and 3 years on major components, according to Ozkaya, regardless of the number of hours on the machine. “There is no limit on run time for our warranty,” Ozkaya stresses. “In fact we don’t even have an hour meter on our presses.”

Stamtec can design a press-maintenance and inspection program to help minimize downtime and enhance productivity. In addition, it can establish a documented system for maintaining press integrity. All of this allows the company to offer a 1-yr. “bumper to bumper” warranty on its equipment, and 3 years on major components.
The Ever-Growing Spare-Parts Crib

To support metal formers when they do need replacement parts, Stamtec now stocks more than 1500 unique SKUs—an increase of more than 35 percent compared to just a few years ago.

“We’re committed to continuing to add even more parts to our inventory,” says Ozkaya, “and in fact we have an ongoing project to expand our spare parts crib.”

Common electrical, mechanical and hydraulic spare and replacement parts include complete clutch and brake units; motors; pins, bushings, seals and bearings; die clamps and cushions; and hydraulic overload pumps.

Educated, Highly Skilled and Trained

Ozkaya, a degreed mechanical engineer who also has worked as an electrical engineer and a project manager, understands well the importance of providing quick, reliable service to Stamtec customers. He is a perfect complement to his co-service manager Patrick Thomas, an automation engineer who has 18 years of experience in troubleshooting.

“Having educated and highly trained engineers managing our service department allows us to support our North American customers efficiently and effectively,” says Ellard. “It also enables us to create complete press support plans that include replacement parts, updated controls, quick-die-change systems, tonnage monitors and more, not only on Stamtec equipment but also on similar stamping-press brands.”

When metal formers need replacement parts to keep their pressroom equipment healthy, Stamtec has you covered. It now stocks more than 1500 unique SKUs.
Ozkaya oversees a staff of six technicians mobilized from Manchester, TN, “and I also can bring in resources from our parent company in Taiwan,” he says. In addition, the company has two technicians working out of its Mexico facility in Queretaro.

Ozkaya also oversees two full-time inside-sales professionals who consult daily with customers on parts and service requests, warranty claims, service calls and logistics. “Those two people, and our service technicians, are the backbones of the service department,” he says.

Other Services

While managing a quick-response team of technicians is job one for Ozkaya, he also manages Stamtec’s press-rebuild activities. The Manchester plant offers inhouse machining capabilities and features two huge cranes (40- and 50-ton capacities). It also maintains close working relationships with several nearby machine shops to support its press-rebuild business.

Finally, here’s a list of other stamping press services provided:

  1. Clutch and brake repairs and retrofits
  2. Hydraulic overload repairs and troubleshooting
  3. Preventive-maintenance programs
  4. Training classes (preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.)
  5. Control and lubrication systems
  6. Maintenance contracts
  7. Installations
  8. Used-press evaluation.

“We can do the work for you,” says Ellard, “supervise your employees, or provide a combination of supervision and labor, depending on your needs."

4160 Hillsboro Hwy.
Manchester, TN 37355-6451


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