Forklift-Mounted Die-Change Pallets

Description: Creates die-change platform using existing forklift.

Advantages: Can use one device for multiple presses. Inexpensive, eliminates manual pushing of dies in and out of presses.

Disadvantages: Undedicated equipment may lead to a forklift schedule conflict.

T-Table Die-Change Systems

Description: Similar to table-mounted systems, but with wing tables to shuttle dies to temporary storage positions. The die rests on one wing table to the left, a table in the middle moves the die, and a wing table on the right receives the old die.

Advantages: These systems provide the same advantages as the table-mounted push-pull systems, and they allow for the pre-staging of dies on wing tables.

Disadvantage: Requires dedicated floor space.

Free-Roaming Die Carts

Advantages: Can use one device for multiple presses.

Disadvantages: Cost of carts. MF

Information for this article was supplied by Serapid, Sterling Heights, MI; 586/274-0774; www.serapid.com.

Industry-Related Terms: Die, Stroke, Transfer Die, Transfer
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