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Motion-Controller Add-On Expands I/O Options

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Delta Computer Systems, Inc. has introduced its new, high-density, 8-channel CV8 voltage-output module (CV8) for use with the company’s RMC200 closed-loop electro-hydraulic motion controller. The most advanced of Delta’s motion controllers, the RMC200 can direct as many as 32 axes. The CV8 add-on module allows for configurations that handle more axes while consuming less panel space. And, its integration capability can free slots on the backplane for additional functionality, such as data acquisition.

The CV8 module features eight voltage outputs suitable for controlling an actuator, as well as eight discrete input/output connections for general-purpose control or data-acquisition functions. The CV8 outputs are ±10 V at 5 mA, and can be user-configured to custom ranges, such as 0-5 V, ±5 V and 0-10 V, enabling direct connection to an array of hydraulic valves. The eight discrete I/O points can be individually configured as either general-purpose inputs or outputs, fault inputs, or enable outputs. These settings can be changed via the same Delta RMCTools software used for the entire Delta RMC-motion-controller family.

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