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Folding Machine Offers Up/Down Bending, Can be Operated from Front or Back

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

At FABTECH 2016, RAS Systems debuted the XLTbend 11-gauge mild-steel folding machine, which folds both up and down and can be operated from the front or rear of the machine. For those looking to increase productivity in forming complex precision sheetmetal parts such as cassettes, panels and boxes, the XLTbend is ideal. It offers 159-in. by 12-gauge- or 126-in. by 11-gauge-steel forming capacity as well as one-click CNC programming.

Significant is its modularity, which over time will be added to the complete line of RAS models. The machine can be built for operation from the front or rear, and with a new redundant safety system, operation is possible from the front even with up/down bending. Bent parts no longer need to be flipped, as the folding beam is capable of automatically avoiding prebent flanges.

At FABTECH, RAS showcased the 159-in. by 12-gauge option with a vertical upper beam, providing the operator with simple access to the entire bend line. The folding beam is a new design that is proven to reduce deflection by 20 times over the bend line, according to company officials. Each of the 11 CNC axes is servo-regulated, which amounts to greater precision and dynamics. Absolute encoders on every axis eliminate excessive calibration time.

The RAS tooling system remains familiar, but with new applications. A large catalog of upper-beam tool geometries is maintained with options for large free space in front and in the rear of the tool. The tool segments are placed into the upper-beam tool rail and are automatically clamped in place. Tooling setup instructions are shown to the operator on the CNC monitor to help with accurate and repeatable placement. Flexible configuration is expanded to the lower-beam tooling as well–between the lower-beam tools, it is possible for the backgauge fingers to move as close as within 10 mm of the bend line.

To complement the machine’s unique folding concept, the RAS XLTbend includes two 24-in monitors, mounted on the machine sides and offering the ability to tilt and adjust.

The machine’s one-click programming of parts arises from intelligence embedded in the machine software. Either the operator on the floor or engineer in the office directly imports STEP, DX or GEO files, and a simple mouse click is all that is required to automatically program the complete setup and bend sequence.

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