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Power-Feed Mag Drill Provides Optimum Power/Weight Ratio

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

HougenHougen Manufacturing, Inc., Swartz Creek, MI, has launched a new model of portable magnetic drill, the power feed HMD927, with major performance improvements to its mid-range line of magnetic drills. The HMD927 has the power to drill holes as large as 1-5/8-in. dia. while maintaining a small footprint and light weight (43 lb.).

Among its new features is a mag-drill pilot light, an LED light built into the base of the magnet that allows the operator to more efficiently and quickly line up the pilot with the hole’s center location in low-light or no-light conditions. Powering the drill is a proprietary two-speed Hougen motor designed to maximize tool life and increase torque when using larger-diameter cutters. The addition of a two stage magnet increases magnetic holding power by 30 percent when the drill motor is turned on. This saves energy and increases magnet life. A new arbor system uses a 5/8-in. slot drive for rigidity, hole accuracy and quicker use of accessories such as drill chucks and tapping attachments. The drill also includes positive slug ejection and a swivel-base magnet.

The drill has an electrical rating of 10A and a 250/450-RPM motor, and offers a 2-in. depth of cut.


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