Daimler Orders Schuler Blanking Lines for German Mercedes Plant

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Daimler AG has ordered two laser-blanking lines from Schuler for its Mercedes-Benz facility in Kuppenheim, Germany. The two lines, with installation set for late this year, will cut blanks out of a moving sheetmetal coil. The blanks then are formed into car-body parts. Using three simultaneously operating fiber lasers to cut, no dies are required.

Simple loading of a cutting program results in a flexible blanking method with no need for procurement and handling of blanking dies. Product changes can be made almost without any setup time, according to Schuler officials, simply by loading the corresponding cutting program. Easing installation, the lines require no basement or elaborate foundations.

Schuler’s U.S. operation, Schuler Inc., is headquartered in Canton, MI.


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