Resolver-Based Clutch/Brake OSHA Control

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pressroom Electronics Resolver-based clutch/brake OSHA controlPressroom Electronics
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Pressroom Electronics, a manufacturer of safety and automation press controls for metalforming applications, will demonstrate its resolver-based PressCommander clutch/brake OSHA control with built-in press-automation functionality. The control exceeds OSHA 1910.217 and ANSI B11.1-2009, features a control-reliable design, and offers production and downtime monitoring via a 10.1-in. touchscreen.

Also included are dual logic power supplies, a heavy-duty resolver, and system diagnostics and programming in plain English/Spanish, which can control as many as four sets of operator stations. The user-friendly PressCommander is available in any control-panel layout or retrofits easily into an existing control panel.


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