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Welding Helmet Boasts Adjustable 4/9-13 Auto-Darkening Filter

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Save Phace, Dallas, TX, introduces the Extreme Face Protector Gen Y Series of welding helmets, which include an adjustable 4/9-13 auto-darkening filter with grind mode integrated into a 180-deg. viewing lens. Its face-forming design allows the user to access tight spaces, and because of its unique rounded design that doesn’t trap the welder’s breath, it reportedly stays 6 deg. cooler than other helmets.

The Gen Y includes a replaceable sweat-absorbent headband, high-quality Halo headgear and a new flexible heat-resistant nylon helmet material. Three graphic options are available: Black Ice, Razor and Twisted Soul. Each model is ANSI- and CE-approved.

Save Phace: 866/783-3223;



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