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Servo-Controlled Loading/Sorting Setup for Laser-Cutting and Punching Machines

Friday, May 4, 2012
New FG Series of fully automated, servo-controlled loading and sorting systems from Muratec USA, Charlotte, NC, brings flexibility and productivity to sheetmetal forming and material handling. The FG Series cell loaders feature servo-control technology for axis drive, programmable parts-stacking patterns and integrated Fanuc-based FMS-control systems.

The loaders remove finished parts processed by a punch press or laser-cutting machine, then neatly sort and stack the parts on finished parts pallets. Expandable loader arms with multiple vacuum pads and programmable stacking patterns provide the flexibility required to automatically unload different shapes and sizes of finished sheets and parts according to customer requirements. A space-saving compact design enables operators to load and unload from either side of the machine.

Says Cary Teeple, midwest regional sales manager for Murata Machinery USA. “In blank-sheet processing, the turret punch press has the unique ability to eliminate pre-operation shearing and multiple-post operations such as tapping, deburring, and forming, which results in reduced costs and increased profits. That’s a textbook example of process integration.”

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