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Sensors Precisely Measure Position/Displacement Without Contact

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Precision sensors-KamanKaman Precision Products | Measuring, Middletown, CT, introduces a line of precision sensors that provide accurate and precise noncontact position/displacement feedback in the most hostile of environments. These inductive-based displacement sensors operate from -320 to +1000 F continuous, and up to +1200 F short term. A dual-coil sensor design minimizes thermal and radiation effects, and measurement quality is unaffected by most corrosive gasses and liquids, as well as oil, dirt and stray RF and magnetic fields.

The sensors are constructed of laser-welded Inconel housings and use metal-jacketed, mineral-insulated cable. Single- and multiple-channel systems are available in NEMA enclosures or bench-top/ rack-mountable Euro-format enclosures.

Kaman Precision Products | Measuring: 800/552-6267;


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