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MetalForming Magazine

September 2016 Issue

Volume 50, Number 9

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Cover Article

Hydraulics Support Big Move to Bigger Parts
by Lou Kren
A new hydraulic-press line at Hatch Stamping helps the Michigan-based precision metal stamper and assembly manufacturer in its mission to produce larger, more complex components.



Automotive Outlook: Challenges Abound for Tool and Die
by Laurie Harbour
The news is good now, but trends toward model complexity and OEMs shifting costs down the supply chain, coupled with an expected plateau in vehicle production, will require that tool and die shops gather and analyze data to shore up their sales processes.
Servo Technology--Revenue Gains with Every Stroke
by Brad Kuvin
Nowadays, stampers in the market for a new press will find it difficult to justify NOT purchasing a servo-driven model. The process for justifying the relatively small premium for servo presses will play out at our upcoming servo-technology conference, October 5-6 in Nashville. Also on tap: how integration of related pressroom equipment enhances overall press efficiency.
Quick-Die-Change Strategy--Q&A with an Expert
by Brad Kuvin
Standardiz--your dies, processes and QDC equipment--is the common rallying cry heard as metalformers seek to optimize their return on investment when purchasing clamps, bolster extensions, die carts and other products.
How Tonnage Impacts Press-Brake Bending
Find out how material choice affects tonnage, and how much tonnage is needed to make a bend.
Metal-Scrap Shaker Systems
...fixing the common causes of operating failures.
The Challenges of Modern Material Requirements Planning
by Scott Jessup
The right MRP system can deliver improved utilization of facilities and resources, better inventory planning and scheduling, faster response to market demand and changes, increased customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, increased profits...if potential pitfalls are addressed.



Celebrating Work Ethic and Ambition
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Making College Graduates Job-Ready
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Questions Regarding Stamping Challenging Materials? New Conference Has Some Answers
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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