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MetalForming Magazine

September 2012 Issue

Volume 46, Number 9

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Cover Article

Servo Press--a Centerpiece of Strategic Expansion
by Brad Kuvin
Here today, gone tomorrowstampers know too well that jobs on the floor today can be on a competitor's floor tomorrow. That's why managers at Batesville Tool & Die strive to leverage new technology to stamp difficult parts. Its latest fulcrum: an Aida servo-drive press.



Plan Press Maintenance to Avoid Unplanned Downtime
by Esther Holewa
Follow the advice offered here, including planning for component obsolescence, to avoid unplanned press downtime and expensive emergency repairs in the pressroom.
Just-in-Time Nesting--Concurrent Engineering with a Single Database
by Michael Lundy
Sheetmetal-nesting software based on an expert system that enables concurrent engineering employs one database for both design and nesting. If designs change, new NC part programs are automatically recreated to match the new design, speeding the process and avoiding production of unusable parts.
The Last Time He Micromanaged
by Dan Eastman
Don't let a monthly production schedule manage your operation. Rushing leads to errors in quality and safety that eat into profits. Heres a better .
Is It Time to Purchase a New ERP System?
by Cindy Jutras
Hint: It's not brain surgery. Don't wait until the patient is dying.
Emerging Trends in ERP Software
Niche and nimble solutions abound.
ERP--More Processing, Less Planning
by Frank Scavo
ERP software programs are not primarily planning systems, they're more transaction-processing systems. Benefits are primarily in standardizing and automating business processes. To perform what-if planning, understand trends hidden in the data, or to gain a 360-deg. view of customers, for example, you need to go beyond ERP.


Tooling Technology

Embossing Tool Creates Artistic Metalwork
Punched holes in random wave lines create "architecture as art" when fabricating aluminum sheetmetal panels to construct a spectacular building facade with a vibrant feeling of flowing motion.
Punch Tooling Supports Rapid Growth this sheetmetal fabricator, which has standardized and simplified its tooling inventory rather than use multiple types of thick turret tooling. As a result, the company has realized immediate cost savings, and it's getting more life from punch inserts.



Micromanage the Right
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Handle Elastic Stresses to Manage Springback
and Improve Dimensional Stability
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Progressive-Die Strip Evaluation
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Sensor Return-on-Investment 101
Metalforming Electronics by George Keremedjiev



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