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North American Debut of Amada's New Robotic-Bending System

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The HG 1303 Rm robotic-bending system from Amada, which made its North American debut at FABTECH, was designed specifically for processing large parts that typically require two operators to safely handle, or are difficult to manage by a single operator. The HG 1303 servo-hydraulic press brake features an advanced crowning system in the lower beam, combined with an automatic bend-angle measurement system to ensure optimum accuracy. Its Dual Servo Power (DSP) drive system maximizes approach, bend and return speeds, and a new, highly rigid frame design features (reportedly) a larger open height than other machines in its class. The increased distance between tooling and greater stroke length yields a large processing area and enables deep box bending while making part extraction quick and easy.

Included with the press brake is a thickness-detection system (TDS) designed to maintain bending accuracy while processing materials that vary in type, thickness and grain direction. The TDS senses any variation in material thickness and automatically compensates ram-depth position to ensure precise bending results. Amada’s HG series brakes also are equipped with BI (Bend Indicator) sensors that use probe and laser technology. BI-S (probe type) or BI-L (laser type) sensors result in trial-free bending. BI technology also boosts repeatability and reduces inspection and rework requirements.

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