Products for Surface Prep, Rust Prevention

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Cortec Corp.
Booth B10033

The Cortec Corp. team shares ideas on effectively protecting manufactured metal goods and assets from rust and oxidation in an environmentally responsible and user-friendly manner. For instance, Cortec features BioCorr, a USDA-certified, bio-based rust preventive that leaves behind a dry film, which is easier to remove and dispose of than traditional hazardous mineral-oil and solvent-based rust preventatives.

Also at FABTECH, Cortec’s newly revamped EcoAir line of surface-prep and rust-prevention products packaged in eco-friendly bag-on-valve spray cans, powered by air rather than traditional flammable propellants. The EcoAir line includes solutions for bio-based rust removal, water-based void space protection and water-based cleaning/degreasing with flash rust protection. Of special note is the newest addition to the collection, EcoAir Tool & Die, a rust preventive specifically designed for easier application and cleanup in the tool and die industry.


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