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New Training Programs to Match Connecticut Manufacturers With Workers

Thursday, December 6, 2018
With thousands of manufacturing jobs to fill in Connecticut and not enough qualified workers to fill them, industry employers, state community colleges and job training agencies are trying to fill the employment pipeline.

Gateway Community College and the New Haven-based Workforce Alliance are launching a program that would take unemployed and under-employed workers, provide them with an intensive five-week training course and then help them find jobs. The first five-week session of classes starts in February.

“Somebody who graduates from this program will have the same skill level as someone who has been working for a manufacturer for at least six to 12 months,” says Bill Villano, president and CEO of Workforce Alliance. He adds that he hopes the program, which is being provided to students at no cost, will graduate 25 people every five weeks, which will help build up a pipeline of qualified workers over time.


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