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Realtime Monitoring of Cutting, Bending Machines

Monday, January 1, 2018

In mid-2017, Bystronic introduced a new service to help metalformers stay networked and up to date, by offering the ability to monitor and analyze their processes and make production operations more transparent and efficient. Called ByCockpit, the mobile app delivers realtime information from the shop floor for sheetmetal-parts production. Managers can use it to keep up to date with selected key indicators related to machine performance, manufacturing efficiency and material stock.

Among the benefits delivered by ByCockpit:

  • Full transparency on productivity and optimization potential. Realtime monitoring provides key indicators on all integrated Bystronic cutting and bending machines equipped with an OPC UA interface.
  • Unique widget design enables a global overview of production processes and detailed views of machine performance, machine utilization, productive and maintenance times, and material stock in the warehouse.
  • Monitoring of key indicators at any time from anywhere. As a web application, ByCockpit is available on virtually all laptops, smartphones and tablet computers.

During the development of ByCockpit, say company officials, IT specialists looked closely at how manufacturers retrieve information from their machines, in order to analyze and improve their production processes. The app then helps reveal deficiencies in production processes to help metalformers deal with price pressure, short delivery deadlines and increasing quality demands.

For example, a manager can drill down to the cutting overview for a ByStar Fiber laser-cutting machine. A status window shows laser-power output in kilowatts, total operating hours of the machine and whether maintenance is due. Also, a performance window quantifies how efficiently the machine is being used. A user can understand why the machine experienced idle times, why it failed to produce the target number of parts in the scheduled time, or why parts did not meet the required quality standard.



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