Stamper Adds Tailout Feeder to Boost Material Utilization

Saturday, December 1, 2012
Tier Two automotive stamper Kalida Manufacturing Inc., Kalida, OH, a division of KTH Industries, has added a Coe Press tailout (or secondary) feeder to one of its press lines, and as a result is experiencing a reduced scrap rate, and a safer process as well. The feeder, installed to deliver material to a Minster E4H-800 four-point press, resides downstream of a servo-feed unit, and telescopes through the press columns and into the die area. This arrangement reduces scrap, and also results in less material being left in the die—that makes moving remaining material quicker and safer. Coe custom-designed the tailout feeder—4-in.-dia. upper rolls and 5-in.-dia. lower driven roll—to attach directly to the existing servo-feed unit.


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