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Grinders Have a Tough Job--These Wheels Make it Easier

Saturday, December 1, 2012

3M Abrasive Systems, St. Paul, MN, introduces Cubitron II bonded abrasive grinding and cutoff wheels that boast precision-shaped grain technology, enabling faster cutting. Grains stay sharper longer, say company officials, and the wheels require less pressure (as much as three times less) than conventional grinding and cutoff wheels, helping to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

While conventional ceramic abrasive grains are irregular in shape and work by plowing through metal, causing significant heat buildup, grains of Cubitron II grinding wheels continuously fracture to form sharp points and edges. This helps the abrasives slice cleaner and faster, stay cooler and last longer. Use the wheels in place of traditional grinding wheels comprising aluminum-oxide, alumina-zirconia or ceramic grain.

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