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MetalForming Magazine

December 2019 Issue

Volume 53, Number 12

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Cover Article

Part-Handling Choices for Advancing Automation
by Joe Jancsurak
When it's time to step up your automation efforts, don't overlook material selection for tooling.



Rugged Portable-Arm CMMs Perform on the Shop Floor
by Louis A. Kren
Inspect parts at the press, assess die wear, fix fixtures and much more. These versatile machines complement fixed CMMs and find use throughout a stamping operation.
Waste-Stream Automation Combats Worker-Shortage Challenges
by Mike Hook
Besides addressing staffing issues, automating scrap handling, fluid recycling and water treatment directly benefits the bottom line.
New Business Calls for New Press Brake
An Indiana fabricator knew it could handle the part-variety and -volume challenges posed by potential new business, but how? A new hybrid press brake, that's how.
One-Stop Shop Adds Automated Panel Bender
by Joe Jancsurak
Equipment enables Milwaukee-based contract manufacturer to slash lead time while increasing on-time delivery rates and sales.
Three Sawing Tips: Mind the Material, Production Needs and Blade
by Lou Kren
Close attention here means less angst later on as material transforms into tooling or workpieces.
Getting the Most From Your Weld-Shielding Gas
by Andy Monk
To optimize arc-weld quality, metal formers must understand the characteristics of the various shielding gases available, as well as their advantages and limitations.
2019 Awards of Excellence in Metalforming
by Lou Kren
Precision Metalforming Association honors excellence in productivity, quality, training and education.
The Premier Metal Forming Conference--Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference
by Brad Kuvin slated for January in Nashville. That's right, Music City once again plays host to PMA's Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference, with an information-packed agenda featuring top-notch keynote and technical presentations.



Metal Formers Perform Great Feats
Specifying and Using Hot-Dip Galvanized, Galvannealed and Electrogalvanized Steel
The Science of Forming by Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D.
Redrawing Square and Rectangular Box Shells
Tooling by Design



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