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MetalForming Magazine

August 2017 Issue

Volume 51, Number 8

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Cover Article

Add AM to Your Arsenal
by Louis A. Kren
A close look reveals that additive manufacturing of the nonmetallic variety can be a manufacturing asset, from prototypes to fixtures to even disposable tooling for forming.



Servo Successes
by Brad F. Kuvin and Louis A. Kren
Metalformers share their stories on how servo-mechanical stamping presses have opened doors in applications old and new, and how the technology positions them as leading-edge manufacturers for years to come.
6-kW Fiber Laser Moves the Tipping Point
by Brad Kuvin
...on cutting mild-steel sheetmetal and plate at this metal-fabrication job shop beyond 1/4 in., and as thick as 3/8 in. (vs. cutting using a CO2 laser), thanks to specialized process development combining oxygen cutting with a fiber-laser machine.
Press Feeds Pay Off for Wisconsin Stamper
by Louis A. Kren
With a culture of adopting new technology to boost capabilities and competitiveness, Manitowoc Tool & Manufacturing has invested in new coil lines. The results are impressive.
Alumitech 2017
Meet in Cleveland in August and learn the latest techniques for cutting, forming and joining aluminum.



Energy Savings Fall Right to the Bottom Line
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Study of a 1977 Front Bumper--Part 2
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Punching Technology--Force Limitations
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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