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MetalForming Magazine

April 2017 Issue

Volume 51, Number 4

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Cover Article

Hot Stamping: Local Soft Zones Via Laser
by Louis A. Kren
As steels get stronger, hot stamping with localized softening--now very localized via lasers--is a game changer in automotive applications.



Hydraulic Press Takes Forming to a New Level
by Louis A. Kren
A custom 450-ton machine aligns nicely with Empire Levels existing die-transfer system and squares away its forming challenges.
In-Die Micropin Insertion
by Brad Kuvin
A Cleveland, OH, precision metalformer solves a unique in-die insertion challenge by working with its vendor to custom-design a sensor-laden die and special pin-feed system to avoid time-consuming and costly secondary operations.
Dune-Buggy Maker Cruises to Laser-Shop Success
Business for this So-Cal sheetmetal job shop has increased 35 percent, while profit margins are up and production time is down, thanks in part to a new fiber-laser cutting machine.
Innovation and Lean Service--A Fabricator's Guide to Independence
by Alexander Kunz
New solutions to quicken equipment-maintenance response times and improve machine diagnostics promise to improve service efficiency and support lean manufacturing. An example with laser-cutting operations: integrated sensors within the slat cleaner to notify users when maintenance is required.
Finishing via Non-Woven Abrasives
Durable and conformable to workpieces, these products serve well across a variety of applications.
Micro Transfer Enables Small-Part Deep Drawing
by Brad Kuvin
Responding to the needs of its automotive-OEM customer, progressive-die stamper and slideforming specialist Clips & Clamps Industries showcases its engineering excellence by adopting transfer technology to draw small parts that probably belong on an eyelet press.
Auto Forecast: Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?
by Louis A. Kren
We're seven years into the recovery of the U.S. automotive industrythat's good. Demographics are changing, trade deals are uncertain and world economies are fair at bestthats not so good.



Much More than Magazines-- We're Face-to-Face with the Market
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Don't Assume Yesterday's Corrective Actions Will Work Today
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Transfer Automation--Options Abound
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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