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MetalForming Magazine

June 2016 Issue

Volume 50, Number 6

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Cover Article

New Press the Centerpiece of Expansion Efforts
by Brad Kuvin
Automotive stamper Genesee Group is expanding--not just its footprint or its resume of core competencies, but also its customer base, beyond automotive. At the center of its expansion efforts is a new 660-ton transfer press to allow the principally progressive-die stamper to "play in a bigger sandbox."



Fishing-Component Supplier Lured by Press, Control Capabilities
by Louis A. Kren
Great catch by Wisconsin-based Worth Company, as new presses and new controls tackle die-protection concerns and ensure stable, high-volume production.
Green-Light Time is Surging
by Brad Kuvin
...for a new state-of-the-art turret-punch press running at the showcase sheetmetal-fabrication shop of EVS Metal, in Riverdale, NJ. Equipped with a 300-station automatic tool changer, and tools laser-etched with QR codes, it's "big data meets punching"--a true game changer.
A Data-Driven Approach to Lubricant Selection
by Brad Kuvin
Automotive supplier Shiloh Industries has embarked on a rigorous lubricant-testing and evaluation process, with the goals of streamlining its inventory of stamping-lubricants; eliminating the use of chlorinated paraffins; and identifying the right lubricant for stamping advanced high-strength steels.
Gantry Robot System Eases Bucket Fabrication
ACS Industries' new welding setup reduces lead times, and lowers production costs in its engineered products destined for mining and steelmaking.
Welding: How to Choose the Right Solid Wire
by Jonathan Will
Solid wire is simple to use, making it a popular choice across welding applications. But given specific materials and applications, which wire is best? Read on to find out.



Safety is No Accident
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Identifying the Cause of Rejected Parts
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Progressive-Die Strip Analysis--Part 2
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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