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MetalForming Magazine

March 2016 Issue

Volume 50, Number 3

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Cover Article

Manufacturing Matters
by Brad Kuvin
...and 2016 PMA Chairman-elect Ron Lowry is pledging to take matters (as they relate to the health of U.S. manufacturing) into his own hands. He vows, in this election year, to honor his New Year's resolution to "complain less and do more," and urges all metalforming-company executives to join him.



Transparency: A New Age in Metalforming
by Brad Kuvin
Asset-utilization software is the kingpin in a metalformer's campaign to enable plant-floor process ownership and responsibility, and drive down inefficiencies. And, management and staff are monitoring, as a waterfall alert system keeps uptime and OEE top-of-mind.
PDQ Setups Thanks to QDC
by Louis A. Kren
No matter the application or layout, die-change solutions exist to shorten the time between last part and first part.
Turret Punch Presses: Slash Setup, Maximize Uptime
by Lou Kren
New capabilities offered by the latest machines can do all of this, making them as indispensable as ever in job shops.
Captured: Real-Time Welding Data to Optimize Quality, Efficiency
by Brad F. Kuvin and Louis A. Kren
Welding-data capture-and-analysis software can help metalformers elevate their weld-shop quality and productivity to new heights, by managing and reducing costs, identifying opportunities to fine-tune welder training, and preventing defects from escaping detection.
Software Assist Propels Hot-Forming Die Design and Build
Have Press-Hardening Equipment? Change the Hydraulic Fluid
New fluid, and new fluid technology make this machinery safer and more productive while extending service life.



Candidates, and All Policymakers, Please Listen: Manufacturing Matters
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Questions Answered Regarding Advanced High-Strength Steels--Part 2
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Blankholder Forces in Asymmetrical Cup Drawing
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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