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MetalForming Magazine

December 2016 Issue

Volume 50, Number 12

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Cover Article

Press Brakes Loaded with Bottleneck-Buster Technology
by Brad Kuvin
High-speed cutting equipment challenges downstream fab-shop operations to keep up. Stepping up the pace at press-brake cells are new features such as automated tool changes with on-board tool storage and on-screen setup instructions for operators.



2016 Awards of Excellence in Metalforming
The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) presented its 2016 Awards of Excellence in Metalforming at FABTECH in Las Vegas. The awards recognize the high standards of achievement set by the metalforming industry in the areas of design, product development, safety, process control, quality, productivity, training and education, and innovation and technology.
Line Automation Made Easier
by Louis A. Kren
A single communication protocol reduces the need for a spaghetti network and multiple software programs, improving line operation and simplifying maintenance.
Tips for Maintaining Your Waterjet System
by Matt McGrew
Improper maintenance of waterjet systems can cause inaccurate production, increased use of consumables and, most importantly, machine failure. Heres some sound advice to keep your systems cutting accurately and productively.
Punch-Shear Comboa Labor Saver
Shear and punch fabrication of sheetmetal parts at custom door manufacturer LaForce, Inc. more than triples thanks to implementation of a new servo-electric punch-shear combination machine.
Die Build Simplified
by Lou Kren
Through innovative use of die-face-design software, Autodie can quickly and economically engineer and construct auto-panel tools.
Increase Manufacturing Sales: A Video-Marketing Case Study
by Chris Karel
A video did the trick for Diamond Metals Distribution, as the company found an effective alternative to plant tours.



Year-End Ramblings
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
n-Values Differ for Advanced High-Strength Steels
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Interpreting Formability Problems
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz



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