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MetalForming Magazine

April 2014 Issue

Volume 48, Number 4

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Cover Article

Investing in Technology and the Workforce
by Brad Kuvin
PMA Chairman for 2014 Jody Fledderman, president and CEO of Batesville Tool & Die, puts his money on servo-press technology, 3D printing and other leading-edge technology to stay ahead of demand for automotive stampings. And, hes investing in resources to attract the next-generation workforce to his company, and to the industry.



Zig-Zag Servo Feeds Support Servo-Press Operations
by Brad Kuvin
Stamping airbag housings by the thousands has deep-draw specialist Metal Flow Corp. changing servo-press ram speed seven times per stroke, while "bulletproof" rack-and-pinion-driven servo feeds perform tireless work.
Better Software Begets Engineering Capacity
by Brad Kuvin
Design engineers can be the lifeblood of any full-service contract manufacturer, supporting customers that lack engineering capacity. Make the most of engineers' precious time by giving them the software they need to be at their best. Here's a shop that does just that.
Laser Cutter is Three Machines in One
by Brad Kuvin
...thanks in part to a rotary index station located on one of three shuttle pallets, allowing Jay Manufacturing to bring inhouse previously outsourced tube and structural work. Laser cutting replaces sawing, drilling and machining, allowing Jay to improve quality and reduce costs.
The Automotive Uptick--Working Through the Challenges
by Brad Kuvin
Hydraulic Presses: Custom New vs. Used--Which is Best for Your Business?
Is it better to fit a new hydraulic press into your operation, or fit your operation into an existing press? Metalformers should explore all options before making this critical decision, as the chosen solution can have a lasting effect on the bottom line.



Follow the Lead
Editorial by Vince M. Bertram
Develop Die-Damage Curves to Avoid Breakage
The Science of Forming by Stuart Keeler
Cutting and Punching Advanced High-Strength Steels
Tooling by Design by Peter Ulintz
Clothes, Personal Protective Equipment or Special Gear?
You and the Law by Doug Ehlke
Three Key Factors for Leaders to Remember
Human Capital by Debbie McGrath



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