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MetalForming Magazine

April 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 4

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Cover Article

Servo Power Solves In-Die-Assembly Dilemma
A pair of gap-frame presses and a straightside press, all equipped with servo technology, deliver a slew of benefits to this automotive-parts stamper. Included is the ability to program slide motion and adjust stroke length, allowing the firm to quote jobs it would not have considered in the past.



Value Added Drives Automotive Suppliers
It's no secret that responsibility is shifting downward through the automotive supply chain. Here's how some suppliers handle that responsibility via value-added work to keep customers satisfied.
Advantages of Controlled Slide Velocity
Want to optimize quality and productivity during blanking, forming, drawing, embossing, coining and other mechanical-press operations? Think slide control.
Michigan to Welcome The World's Metalformers
The 2008 ICOSPA Congress lands in Grand Rapids this September. If your metalforming business can survive without a global perspective, more power to ya. But if youre like most metalformers and global opportunities are in your sights, then Grand Rapids has to be in your travel plans come fall.


Tooling Technology

Stamper Replace Carbide Tooling with Coated DC53
Application of a high-performance tool coating combines with an upgrade in tool steel to deliver a host of benefits to metalformer Toledo Technologies, including improved surface finish of coined parts and minimized die wear.



In the Words of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus: Hey, Let's be Careful Out There
How Laws of Nature Control Your Stamping
The Science of Forming
High Stress in the Pressroom
Tooling by Design
The Team Approach to Sensors
Metalforming Electronics
Best Retirement Plan I Have Ever Seen
Blackman on Taxes
Firing on Same Day as Learning of EEOC Discrimination Charge Infers Retaliation
You and the Law
What More Can We Do?



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