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MetalForming Magazine

November 2008 Issue

Volume 42, Number 11

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Cover Article

Expanding Opportunities... New Ideas, Products and Markets
A degree in accounting along with 30-plus years behind the production whell of a variety of manufacturing companies has given 2009 PM Chairman ne Boeckman, president of Quick- Stampings, Inc. of Texas, a knack for knowing where and when to diversify. Metalforming companies, and PMA, need to follow his lead.



Tooling Tips for High-Speed Stamping
This article quotes liberally from the book, High-Speed Stamping, by Dayton progress Corp., which address slug-control techniques and other tool-design criteria aimed specifically at improving quality and productivity of high-speed stamping operations.
Is Your Press Line Out of Control?
As stampers add components to press lines, controlling all of them can become quite a chore, testing the ability to maintain part production and conduct proper troubleshooting. Thats when a controls assessment and upgrade are in order.
Press Feeds--Selection and Operation
What advantages do air and servo feeds bring? Read on to find out which is best for your press-feed needs, and how you can get the most out of it.
ERP System a Data-Laden Backbone to Support Rapid Growth
The 5-yr. plan for Apex Skypark, a manufacturer of robotic automobile-parking structures, calls for a 10-fold increase in sales. To keep pace, its metal-fabrication business leans heavily on an ERP system to effectively manage such skyrocketing expansion.


Tooling Technology

Manifolds or Stand-Alone Gas Springs--Make the Right Choice
Both have advantages in particular applications. Manifold systems are hardier and provide low pressure rise, and stand-alone or drop-in gas springs are ideal when pressure rise and environmental conditions are not concerns.



Wallow or Energize? The Choice is Yours
Things That Bother Me
The Science of Forming
The Problem with Die Designs
Tooling by Design
Sensors Now--More Than Ever
Metalforming Electronics
Advice to the New President on Income Tax and Estate Tax Laws
Blackman on Taxes
English, Legally Speaking
You and the Law
Don't Let the Auto Crisis Take You for a Ride



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