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MetalForming's ERP Update, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
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November 4, 2015
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  The Secret to a Successful ERP Implementation    

A blog post by Unit4 project manager Russ Tickner lays out a plan for developing a “future-proof project-management plan to avoid ERP-project implementation failure. Among his tips:

  • Ensure that all stakeholders in the project (emphasis on all) understand clearly the project’s goals and objectives, to avoid surprises down the line;
  • Relieve those assigned to the ERP-project team of some of their daily responsibilities, to allow them proper time to focus on the project. Consider hiring contractors or part-time help for a 6-month period.
  • As the project moves through its defined phases, review with the team the timeline and budget, and examine coming high-risk situations. “Ask yourselves,” Tickner says, “Did we do everything that we planned?” This is an opportunity to refine and realign the project back on track.

There are 10 tips in all, each very-well defined and explained.

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Seven Ways to Minimize ERP Software Customization

Panorama Consulting managing partner Eric Kimberling knows all too well the greatest fear faced by those implementing new ERP systems: software customization. In light of the fact that nine of 10 ERP implementations require some level of customization (per Panorama’s 2015 ERP Report), Kimberling offers seven areas of focus where a project team can help to limit customization.

First and foremost: Accept that fact that it’s “highly likely you will need to customize to some degree,” Kimberling says. With that thought in mind, take your time and invest in a thorough software-selection process to find the solution that best fits your business and operational needs.

Also on the tip list: Invest heavily in organizational-change management, and be sure project leaders fully understand the difference between software configuration and customization. “Most ERP vendors provide fairly robust configuration and personalization tools,” says Kimberling, “that allow you to change the software to fit your needs without changing the code.”

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