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MetalForming's ERP Update, May 6, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
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May 6, 2015
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  Pair ERP and Analytics to Improve ERP ROI and Make Better Decisions    

The data contained within an ERP system can give a growing company an edge, but many companies lack the ability to utilize that data intelligently. In a free report, Aberdeen Group presents findings from a survey of 105 organizations, uncovering how ERP and analytics can combine to improve business decision-making and execution. How powerful is the pairing? Consider these two nuggets offered by the report’s authors:

  • Leading growing organizations are 86 percent more likely to have paired ERP and business analytics.
  • Growing organizations with ERP and analytics saw a 17 percent improvement in profitability over the past two years.
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Aligning Business Processes with Application Software Delivers Synergistic Results

From comes this blog post, detailing how your company can leverage its investment in ERP and related applications.

“New business software applications are both promising and alluring, and can deliver improved productivity and revenue potential,” the blog reads. “But before those things can achieve big benefits, your company probably has to do some changing and improvements in the ways that internal processes are performed and decisions are made.”

Business process management (BPM) applications will assist. They’ll help you to review and change high-volume business processes repeatedly undertaken by your company, leading to improved results.

How to Manage Output Capacity

At, Tom Miller shares best practices for using ERP tools to monitor and manage manufacturing-output capacity. Besides its ability to assess overall capacity, Miller also describes how ERP can monitor and optimize output from individual work centers or resources within the plant, which may be over- or under-utilized in a given time period.

“Optimization of output means that our ERP monitors the output and restricts production to what is needed now or in the very near future, and perhaps leaves resource-heavy processes idle,” he writes.

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Key Events & Seminars for ERP professionals. Stay ahead of the curve! > Webinar: The Case for Cloud ERP: A Manufacturing Perspective, sponsored by Epicor - Thursday, June 4, 2 pm EDT
> Webinar: Business Process Reengineering: A Key Component of ERP ROI - Thursday, May 28, 12 pm EDT
> The Manufacturing ERP Experience, Houston, TX - October 6-8
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