Synergy in Action--Deep-Draw Technology and Simulation Software

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Triform Sheet Hydroforming
Booth S4619

Triform Sheet Hydroforming, Fenton, MO, will demonstrate next-generation sheet-hydroforming technology. On display: a CNC-controlled deep-draw press, and a demonstration that includes ESI’s Pam-Stamp 2G forming-simulation software, to highlight the natural synergy of the two technologies and demonstrate convenience, speed and savings. 

The software grants Triform owners the ability to accurately simulate the forming process without actual tooling or material. Once the process is proven, Triform’s advanced forming capability and inexpensive tooling requirements allow for a quick realization of the simulation. Users will enjoy precise, repeatable and programmable press control.

Also being demonstrated: Triform’s fast changeover time, use of 3D-printed tooling and onboard bar-code scanning.


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