Scrap Removal

October 1, 2013

Pax Products
Booth S4314

Pax Products, Inc., Celina, OH, will display the EGD-50 oscillating conveyor, a new, smaller addition to its existing EGD product line. The EGD-50 can carry 50 lb. of trays plus the weight of the scrap being conveyed out of a stamping press.

The patented EGD conveyors are electrically driven, oscillating-type conveyors that use a motorized, elliptical gear drive to convey parts and scrap out of the press area. Utilizing elliptical gears in a sealed oil bath provides an extremely reliable, high-torque design.

The units also employ a user-friendly snap-on tray design. Tray brackets snap in place over the round portion of the conveyor’s crossbar without the use of tools. Once in place, the trays can be rotated on the crossbar should the trays need to run at a slight angle.

Industry-Related Terms: Run, Scrap
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Technologies: Pressroom Automation


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