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Nano-Ceramic Grease Ideal for Forklifts and Lift Trucks

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dayton Progress, Dayton, OH, has introduced DayLube high-performance grease, recommended for the protection of forklift and lift-truck masts and runners conveyor bearings, bushings cables, cams, chains, gears, lifters, machine parts, robotics, slides, wear plates and the like. The grease features nanoceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic ball bearings to provide continuous lubrication to steel surfaces. With a lower coefficient of friction at all temperatures than traditional PTFE greases, chemically inert DayLube also is environmentally friendly.

The lube maintains its viscosity across a temperature range of -40 to 800 F, and boasts extraordinary adhesion to extend production by as much as 10-times compared to other greases. It has high load-bearing properties, a low dielectric constant, does not contain metal or silicone and resists steam, acids and most chemical products.

DayLube comes in 16-oz. tubes and in cases of 12 each.

Dayton Progress: 937/859-5111;


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Posted by: Forklift Used on 4/18/2013 8:10:55 AM - URL:
Nice content in the blog. Your high-performance grease product for forklifts looks very innovative.

Posted by: Forklifts Sales on 12/26/2012 7:43:34 AM - URL:
What is the full form of the PTFE? I want to know some info about this term.


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