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Motoman Develops Digital Interfaces for Lincoln, Fronius Equipment

Friday, April 1, 2011
Motoman Robotics, Dayton, OH, announces new digital interfaces for its robots for Fronius and Lincoln Electric arc-welding power sources—it previously had developed a digital interface for the Miller Electric Auto-Axcess DI power source. Seamless connectivity to these three brands gives manufacturers the opportunity to select the best power source for the robotic-welding job at hand.

The digital interfaces allow users to access Motoman Robotics’ graphics-based arc files to display weld settings for starting, main and ending conditions. Users can select welding processes from the power-source library and set up parameters directly from the robot teach pendant. Parameters and processes can be changed while welding. The interfaces can support multiple robots on a single controller or tandem gas-metal-arc welding on a single robot.

The Fronius and Lincoln Electric interfaces are compatible with the new Motoman DX100 controller, while the Miller Auto-Axcess DI interface is compatible with the DX100 and NX100 controllers.

Fronius’ Weldcom interface is compatible with its TransPuls Synergic and CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) power supplies; Lincoln Electric’s ArcLink XT interface is designed for the Power Wave i400 and R350, and also will work with the Power-Wave 455M and 655.

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