Software Couples with ERP System to Manage Environmental Impact, Energy Consumption

April 1, 2011

Epicor Software Corp., Irvine, CA, has launched Epicor Carbon Connect, a software-as-a-service-based carbon-accounting solution to help companies address sustainability. The software provides the ability to identify, analyze, audit, track, manage, benchmark and report on carbon emissions/environmental impact and energy consumption. Coupled with Epicor ERP utility invoices and production schedules drawn from current or forecasted orders, users of Epicor Carbon Connect then can calculate expected emissions output and budget for environmental cost factors. Epicor Carbon Connect becomes a fundamental part of an overall financial management and accounting system to enable companies to engage in emissions accounting for regulatory, public relations, marketing, and operational efficiency purposes.

“Financial management applications are the central hub toward effective management of sustainability challenges,” says Matt Muldoon, Epicor vice president of product marketing. “Deploying an enterprise-class carbon accounting solution in the cloud will empower manufacturers to meet evolving reporting and regulatory requirements, while optimizing the performance, cost and value of their governance, compliance and risk efforts.”

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