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Electric Shakers Minimize Operating Costs, Eliminate Maintenance Requirements

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI), Highland, MI, manufactures
Electric shakers minimize operating costs
the patent-pending M-Series electric shaker conveyors, designed to handle low-volume applications as well as work in central scrap-removal systems that carry several thousand pounds per hour of material. The shakers operate without the need for maintenance, spare parts or lubrication, and cost less to operate than pneumatic shakers that run on compressed air. They come in a variety of sizes; multi-pan and rack and pinion tracking systems are optional.

Toledo Tool and Die (TTD) recently installed several Model M-50 shaker conveyors at its facility in Toledo, OH, after using pneumatic shakers for several years with limited success. The pneumatic units shakers required frequent maintenance, were noisy, and performed inconsistently.

Says Larry Kubiak, TTD production manager, “The M-50 electric shaker has proven to be more reliable than any other shaker we’ve seen. We will continue to replace our pneumatic units with MPI electric shakers until we have one on every press.”

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